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Are you having sewer line or drain line issues?

At A&S Plumbing, we do more than just clean sewer lines, we also repair them. Using state of the art equipment, our technicians will thoroughly examine your lines, and come up with a solution to get them working properly again. We'll provide you with reasonable estimates and a reasonable time frame. We'll work quickly and efficiently so that you can return to your daily routine. Don't let your sewer and drain issues worsen, contact A&S Plumbing before it's too late.


Sewer and Drain Services

We are capable of handling ALL sewer and drain problems. View the related services below for more information.


Sewer Line Repairs:

Sewer line repair is one of those problems that you want to address right away to prevent further complications. A&S plumbing has been servicing the residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Louisville area for many years and can help you with any sewer line repair needs you may have. Your best bet is to have your sewer drainage system checked for any issues.  We offer free estimates. The longer you wait, the higher the possibility will be that your sewer line repair will need to be more complicated. However, sewer line repair does not need to be too involved. Sometimes, it may be as simple a matter as replacing a length of pipe, Or you may just have seals or joints that need to be fixed or replaced, and that could be on the easy end of the sewer line repair spectrum. Often, we are able to do these without having to dig trenches into your lawn.   Contact us today for an assessment.


Sewer Line Cleaning:

Sewer lines take the most abuse. Kids flushing toys, tree roots, grease and more making its way down to the sewer lines. Let us clean your sewer lines and prevent blockage.


Drain cleaning:

Take a proactive step in maintaining your home by regularly having your drains cleaned. Let A&S take care of that stopped up kitchen sink, that bathtub that is always clogged, the stopped up toilet, the overflowing washer and more.


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A&S Plumbing Proudly Serves Louisville and Surrounding Counties!

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